The Notary Public as An Escrow Agent

The Notary Public as An Escrow Agent in Real Estate Transactions

In some states instead of requiring a real estate attorney for real estate transactions, a third-party escrow or title company conducts the transaction instead. They act as an impartial party between the buyer and seller throughout the signing process. All types of loan documents can be handled by a third party in an escrow state. The escrow or title company is responsible for overseeing and ensuring the transaction is completed accurately. These companies assign notary signing agents to serve as escrow agent and the notary prepares the documents and conducts the closing. Read more about the notary public as an escrow agent.

Becoming a notary signing agent is different than being a notary public. In the capacity of a signing agent, you are specialized in the notarization of real estate and loan documents. Notary loan signing agents are hired by mortgage companies, escrow companies, title companies and signing services to execute these types of transactions. A notary loan signing agent must have a background screening, meet compliance requirements for the companies that assign them loan packages and most need to carry a certain dollar amount of Errors and Omissions Insurance. The notary loan signing agent typically delivers the documents to the client and walks them through the transaction.

Because notary loan signing agents are specialists and what is required of them is more robust than a general notary public, they command a higher payment than what is typical for general notary work. The average loan signing assignment ranges from $100 to $250 per appointment. Notary loan signing agents primarily obtain their assignments from signing services. Signing services pay on the lower end of the scale vs. assignments received directly from escrow offices. Read more about the notary public as an escrow agent.

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The salary potential varies depending how many signings you are able to complete. If you are a full-time notary loan signing agent and average $100 per signing, completing 15 assignments per week equals $1,500 a week. An annual salary of $72,000! The income potential is significant. And because you are operating as an independent contractor there are many beneficial self-employment tax advantages.

Signing services are your primary source for assignments. Some of the most popular ones being,, and Once you have signed up with them notary loan signing agents that are closest to the location of the signing will get notified. You can accept, negotiate or pass.

Getting assignments directly from escrow offices is more challenging if you are not an experienced notary loan signing agent. Getting direct work requires direct marketing on your part. Some strategies you can try are promoting your website, google business profile, direct mail, and connecting with them either by visiting in person or through social media.

If becoming a notary escrow agent (typically known as a signing agent) is something that is of interest to you, the first step would be to understand what the rules are in your particular state. Some states require training and an exam in order to obtain a license. I would highly recommend that you take the NNA exam as most companies require this to be completed. If you are not familiar with loan signing documents, I would suggest you obtain additional signing agent and loan document training. You can find various training options online. Look for one that demonstrates multiple types of loan closings.

Notary public as an escrow agent helping a happy couple find a home.

Keep in mind you are going to be preparing the documents for closings. These loan packets can get very large and will require a high-speed scanner, printer, and plenty of ink! The work is reliable and not very difficult to execute. A notary loan signing agent will never run out of work. Real estate and loan transactions are fairly consistent in both up and down markets! Thank you for reading about the notary public as an escrow agent.

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