FedEx Notary, UPS Notary or an Independent Mobile Notary

FedEx Notary, UPS Notary or an Independent Mobile Notary.  Which is the best choice for you?

To render a document valid, you often will be asked to have it notarized.  This means a Notary Public verifies the identity of the person signing the document while making the determination they are of sound mind and signing the document on their own accord.  Most folks will look for their document to be notarized at a local UPS store or FedEx location. 

Independent Mobile Notary

Oftentimes you can also find an independent mobile notary that will travel to you.  While there are many options to get your document notarized and usually the best choice depends on cost, convenience and the type of document you need notarized. 

If you’re looking for a notary and not sure what a mobile notary is, then this article is for you. The advantages that come with an independent mobile notary are second to none.

Mobile notary discussing with clients the pros and cons of fedex notary services.

FedEx Notary Services

Depending on the state in which you reside, FedEx locations can notarize documents online.  This is a service provided in locations in which the state allows what is called remote online notarization.  So, your first step would be to see if your local FedEx office or state allows this method of notarization.  Second, ask if they are able to notarize your specific document. 

Not all documents are able to be notarized at these locations and there is a list of those restricted documents that can be found on their website.  If you are able to use a FedEx Notary location the process is quick if you are comfortable using technology.  The cost of a single document averages $25.    


UPS typically offers in person notary services.  The main difference between UPS and a mobile notary is that you sometimes need to make an appointment and travel to the UPS store to meet with the Notary Public. Not all stores provide one and you may have to wait in line even if you made an appointment as they are also doing other tasks at the store.  You may find that not all documents can be notarized at the UPS store, so make sure to ask in advance. 

These inconveniences are why Mobile Notary Publics are often sought out.  They travel to you at a place and time you choose, provide a more accommodating scheduling option as they work nights and weekends, and are most likely to handle any notary requests.

Expect to pay more for the convenience of a Mobile Notary.  UPS will usually charge you the State’s maximum fee.  So, which should you use?  It depends.  If you rather not travel or find you can’t travel due to mobility issues, you need a Mobile Notary Public who will come to you. 

If your documents are of a sensitive nature and you rather have a more discrete location to have them signed you will not find that at a UPS store.  Also, your schedule matters.  You are limited to the UPS store or FedEx hours and the availability of the Notary Public on staff. 

Also, it’s important to mention that Mobile Notary Publics are typically more well versed in the documents they are notarizing and as a result more informative and accurate when completing the notarization.  This is the case because they solely do this type of work as their primary source of income and have more experience.

Does UPS or FedEx Notary offer Notary signing services?

Most people think of a UPS store or FedEx to have their documents notarized.  It’s a service commonly provided at almost all of their locations.  For most it’s quick and cost-effective.  The best option is different for each person.  It really depends on what you are looking for.  Is it to save time, not be inconvenienced, accuracy and discretion or simply cost.  Knowing your options and what is important to you will help you make the best choice. 


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