Revenue & Non-Notary Work: Field Inspection Services

Field Inspection Services

As a Notary Public we often seek other sources of income to supplement the work we do in a way that falls in line with our mobile notary businesses. Becoming a field inspector fits that goal! Our work as a Mobile Notary requires us to travel to different locations throughout the day. 

Field inspection work falls in line with this as you can add a stop or two during your day and the assignments are pretty easy tasks and require little time. Field inspection services take on a variety of tasks that anyone can do. This type of work requires no additional licensing or certifications. 

Getting Started

You actually don’t even have to be a Notary Public. Getting started is very simple and free to do. The only equipment that you need for the most part is just a computer and a cell phone. You are provided training from the contracting company along with all the inspection forms. 

woman holding a clipboard and pen providing field inspection services

Most companies have an app so the majority of your work can be done on your phone. Typically, you will find there is no need to print or mail anything.

Field inspection services tend to be lumped into three categories:

  • Mortgage Property Inspections – involve the inspection of residential properties for mortgage companies. These inspections provide important information about the condition of the property and its features, such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, age and condition of roofing or shingles, etc. This type of inspection is typically done prior to a loan being issued to the buyer.
  • Insurance Property Inspections – provide information about the condition of a property and its potential risks for an insurance provider to evaluate before issuing coverage. These inspections include data such as security features, structural integrity, fire safety features, and more.
  • Commercial Property Inspections – typically used by businesses and other commercial entities to inspect their own properties for maintenance and upkeep. These inspections involve comprehensive data about the condition of a building, mechanical systems, plumbing, electrical wiring, and more. They can also be used to ensure compliance with local regulations and safety codes.

What do field inspectors do? Field inspectors are typically asked to take pictures of odometers, construction sites, or homes. Companies want field inspectors to ascertain property information and complete a risk analysis. Insurance companies and banking institutions need to ensure the condition of the property they have a vested interest in.

You are able to find work in this field by reaching out to companies that contract out their services to banks, insurance companies and mortgage companies. The Society of Field Inspectors (SOFI) is one of the best places for someone looking to learn more about this type of work. It is a resource that provides a directory of companies that hire field inspectors as well. The SOFI also provides educational materials to help those seeking to become field inspectors. It includes training manuals, certifications, and other related resources for members. Additionally, it offers a range of networking opportunities through conferences and seminars. These events provide further insight into the profession and allow for an exchange of knowledge among its members.

Over time, when you demonstrate your professionalism, the quality of work you complete and your responsiveness you will find that you will get more direct work from companies. Building your reputation in this business will get your name out there and more work will come! Read more on how to become a field Inspector here.

Pay Per Inspection

Field inspection work generally is paid per inspection. Depending on the workload available to you and what you are willing to take will dictate your income. States with more populated areas will afford you more opportunities than rural areas. 

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Keep in mind you are not limited to the number of companies you can work with. There is unlimited potential to earn income. You can choose to work as much or as little as you want.  Field inspectors are needed for field inspection services all over the country because of the nature of their work. Most don’t know about this type of work as it’s not typically a job listing you would come across. There is a demand for this type of work because companies need someone to look at homes and other properties to answer some questions and take a few pictures. 

Field inspection services are essential for companies to be able to make informed decisions about the properties they buy or sell. The role of field inspector is an important one, as it helps ensure that these decisions are based on accurate information and that everything related to the property is up-to-date with safety regulations. Companies rely on reliable and experienced field inspectors to help them make the best decisions and ensure that people are safe. A career as a field inspector can be a rewarding and challenging one, with the potential to make a difference in people’s lives.

If you are in need of additional work that you can schedule on your own time, that there is always a demand for and has little to no start-up costs or extensive training then becoming a field inspector with a great field inspection services company is definitely worth considering and a nice addition to your mobile notary business.

Field inspection services allow you to work on your own terms and schedule, with the flexibility of working whenever is best for you. With this type of business, there’s always plenty of demand as companies require inspections on homes, property and other assets. It’s an excellent source of additional income for a mobile notary business since you can choose when and where to do the inspections, thus allowing you to stay flexible with your existing workload. Being a field inspector is certainly worth considering as it offers many advantages over traditional job opportunities. With this type of work, you have the potential to make a decent income, on your own terms and schedule.

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