How to Succeed When You Want To Quit: A Notary Story

How To Have A Successful Notary Business

There is a pervasive perception that exists. It is the belief that America holds all the answers to the world’s problems. We see this fact in the many immigrants that come to this country in search of a better life. The truth is this is a haven that captures the dreamer’s mind – it is a place paved with gold and where opportunities abound.

While on some level this is true because, with its capitalist roots, the individual is given an equal chance to succeed if the personal obstacles can be overcome and the capacity to innovate is set loose within such an individual. The dream can truly come alive. Success is possible because after all, America historically is a place for the creative soul and is the land of dreamers, inventors, innovators, and damn hard workers alike. Read more on how to have a successful notary business.

The Notary Journey

As a Notary, we are given an opportunity to do just that – to innovate and generate change. However, as our journey progresses, we come up against the tough and difficult realities that most encounter in any business. We are in fact repeating a cycle based on the way we were exposed to an industry that often has very few holding the wealth of knowledge.

This can cause some of us to feel like we are merely left to pick up the scraps. This dream is a business, and business decisions are often tough. In this article, you will learn how to pursue your dreams by reading up on how to have a successful notary business.

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But, with the right mindset and drive, we can break out of this cycle. We can create new opportunities for ourselves by challenging the status quo and seeking out innovative solutions to our challenges. By working together as a community, we have the power to develop better systems of knowledge transfer and support each other in our journeys.

As Notaries, we can create new standards of excellence and foster a more collaborative working environment. We can use our experience and knowledge to empower others, build relationships of trust, and help each other succeed. With the right attitude and support, we can become agents of positive change in this industry–transforming it into a place where everyone has access to the resources they need to succeed. This represents how to have a successful notary business.

Finding a niche requires rigorous work and often trying and failing to access a market that is so diverse in its offerings. Think about the reality that a notary’s role plays in many aspects of life. What we do is not merely the act of verifying the identities of document signers. We can potentially impact the outcome of someone’s well-being. Consider one misstep in notarizing a Power of Attorney that gives the authority to a villainous person to take care of medical and financial matters for someone who is unable to make those decisions for themselves.

What we do matters. We uphold the law and we must possess a high level of people skills and street smarts to assess situations accurately and to know when a “NO” to a signing is worth more than anything.

Notaries are also expected to remain calm under pressure and maintain a professional demeanour when faced with difficult customers or challenging tasks. A notary public should always be prepared for anything that could come their way on any given day, but also be able to make sound judgments and have the ability to handle tense situations. This is very important when learning how to have a successful notary business.

In addition, a notary public should be knowledgeable of all applicable state laws and regulations as they may vary from state to state. This level of knowledge is essential when it comes to being an effective notary public. By understanding the role that we play in society, we can provide a much-needed level of security and trust to our clients.

In light of these discouraging truths and perhaps the reality that you do need to earn an income, whether you are self-employed or doing a side hustle, how do you succeed when you want to quit? There is a delicate balance that is required of us to determine what will create success in our businesses.

Human Connection

The single most important step is to develop meaningful relationships within our industry.  If we become so focused on making the next dollar, and forget about making a human connection, our path to success becomes more challenging. It is these relationships and connections we establish that allow our business can grow. Like a good garden, these relationships take time and nourishment, but once we can see opportunities, we are able to reap the rewards.  Human connection is most important when learning how to have a successful notary business.

Furthermore, networking can help us create relationships with industry peers and mentors who can provide guidance and insight into the market. Through this, we gain access to resources and information that can give us a competitive advantage in our own business plans.

By taking the time to develop these meaningful relationships, we open potential pathways that may otherwise have been closed. We must remember that success is not just about making the next dollar, but rather building strong and lasting connections that create growth for our business. With patience and dedication to nurturing these relationships, we can generate abundant rewards for our company in the long run.

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From my own journey, I realize that moving from one state to another means that there are laws that limit me as a notary. For example, now living in Georgia and with the reality of Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL), I have found it hard to do what I normally was able to accomplish in North Carolina. My natural urge was to throw in the towel because I felt so out of my comfort zone. My options were to keep accepting the scraps or to step outside my own box of expectations. 

I found the best way to do this was to really communicate with those in the industry. These people included fellow notaries as well as signing companies and anyone who was familiar with the Atlanta notary scene. This communication has made me more aware of the needs in my area and has allowed me to better position myself to meet those needs. These experiences led me to learn how to have a successful notary business.

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Outside my Comfort Zone

So far, I have found that Atlanta is far more diverse. By reviewing profiles and speaking to other notaries who appear to have a greater level of success than I have experienced, I realize that they are involved in transactions that take place in jails, hospitals, immigration proceedings, and debt settlement signings to name a few. 

This is a far wider scope, being that my focus has always been solely on loan signings, the very thing I am limited from doing due to UPL. This reality is uncomfortable, but I am determined to succeed even though it means learning new things to broaden my skill set. I am convinced that my success hinges on my willingness to learn. This is life after all – new horizons come with new challenges and success is sometimes uncomfortable. In a nutshell…true success is painful but absolutely possible. 

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Note-To-Self (and to you as well): Don’t quit and always keep your mind open. It can be easy to become overwhelmed or discouraged in the face of obstacles, but it’s important to remember that quitting is never the answer. Instead, approach each barrier as an opportunity to learn and grow. Being open-minded allows us to explore alternative solutions and find creative ways around any roadblocks we encounter.

Taking a step back and reflecting on our difficulties can help us identify strategies that can lead to success. With the right attitude and perseverance, we can overcome any challenge that comes our way. It’s important to stay focused, keep learning, and believe in yourself – don’t give up on your dreams!

When times get tough, remind yourself of your goals and the progress you’ve already made. You may have a long way to go, but don’t forget that you are capable of anything if you keep trying and never give up. With commitment and dedication, there is nothing you cannot achieve. Don’t quit and always be open—you can do this! We hope you learned some tips and tricks on how to have a successful notary business.

By Christine Farr, Certified Notary Signing Agent

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