Where Can I Find a Local Notary Public?

Local Notary Public

Local notary publics exist in every state, and you’ll find many notaries in local communities. A notary public is a licensed public officer commissioned by the Secretary of State to provide services to the public in matters usually concerned with financial transactions, estates, deeds, power-of-attorneys, living wills, affidavits, and much more.

You can find local notary publics at facilities that provide financial and packaging services or organizations that serve the community. The most common places to find a local notary are at a bank, library, or many UPS locations. Notaries at these locations serve the public either through walk-in service or by appointment. It’s best to call before your arrival to ensure that a notary is on-site and available. It’s also best to determine what type of documents they can notarize before your arrival. 

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What is the Process of a Notary Signing?

When you (as well as any additional document signer or required witness) arrive at your appointment, the notary will review your document(s) to determine the notarization requirements and whether they can complete the notarization. From start to finish, the typical appointment takes about 15 minutes. Not all local notary publics who work at the listed locations will notarize every type of document requested. You will also find notaries in law offices, courts, and city halls. Except for city hall, the notaries at these locations provide client-based service, which means they provide services to the clients they are currently serving.

Are Free Notary Services Available?

Free notary services are provided by visiting your local bank or the library. The service itself may be free; however, each state has a maximum amount that a notary can charge for the customer’s signature. For example, in New York State, the signature fee is $2.00, and that amount could increase if there is more than one signature that needs to be notarized. Mobile notaries will often charge a fee to travel to your location and may also charge printing fees. Besides the state-allowed signature fee, as long as there are no other services or separate notary transactions taking place, the only fee you should expect to pay is the $2.00 signature fee.

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UPS does provide notary services. UPS fees will vary from state to state as they, too, succumb to the mandated state-allowed signature fee. Keep in mind that there may be additional fees for the service itself. UPS rarely has a notary available on-site, so their fees could include an appointment fee to have a notary available to provide services on-site for a different day and time and not through walk-in services. Unfortunately, UPS does not disclose their fees on their websites, and they also do not advertise the notary fees inside the store.

You may find it helpful to Google “a notary near me” to locate a mobile notary who will have a quicker response time and provide the convenience of traveling to you.

Lastly, you can also find local notary publics in nationwide notary directories available through a Google search. These notaries are both notary publics and mobile notaries close to you and suit your schedule.

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