6 Habits that Prevent You from Growing Notary Business

Growing your Notary Business

If you’ve been struggling to grow your notary business, then this is for you!

Over the years we’ve worked with many notaries, most of whom are experienced, well-educated, and professional. However, we’ve found that despite the fact that they are well-prepared, they don’t all deliver an exceptional experience. This stops them from growing their business effectively.

To help, we’ve identified the most common, subtle, and self-sabotaging habits that may be preventing you from growing your notary business. Take a read and let us know in the comments below: are you guilty of any of these?

1. Not Reading the Fine Print on Documents

This may seem obvious, but it is also the most common issue among notaries. The documents that you are dealing with are not only complicated, but are legally-binding. They must be read with extreme care and attention to detail. You can’t miss important steps in the process or let details slip through the cracks.

Although clients are typically aware of what they are signing, they are not aware of the specific requirements and nuances of the document. They depend on you to be the expert, to lead them through the process, to educate them on each signature and requirement, and to remove any confusion. If you are missing steps and making errors, it will cause them to look for service elsewhere…guaranteed.

2. Not Answering the Phone

Potential clients commonly have a few questions to ask before getting their documents notarized. To get things clarified, they’ll call first. This is especially true of mobile notary needs, which are often urgent. As a result, not answering the phone is the easiest way to miss an opportunity! Potential customers will quickly move on to calling the next notary until they are able to get their needs met.

3. Not Being Extremely Time Sensitive

Like all important work, documents need to be notarized and completed in a timely fashion. Some of these documents might even have an expiration date. If there is an issue or error with the documents that prevents them from being completed quickly, it’s imperative that you not only take action to fix the problem with urgency, but also clearly communicate those issues to the client. They are relying on you to talk them through the process and to keep them up-to-date on what is happening.

4. Not Being “Up” on Technology

Do you know the latest notary software? Do you own a great scanner? If not, then you may be missing out on lucrative opportunities as a notary. These technological tools will help you be more efficient, which helps you give your client a positive experience and ultimately encourages word of mouth marketing.

Not only will technology help with customer service, it will also speed up your process, making you available to more clients and more business. Find out more about how technology can help grow your notary business.

5. Not Responding to Your Client in the Way They Prefer

Your client’s preferences are important, especially when it comes to the way they want to communicate with you. When you gain a new client, be straightforward and ask them how they would prefer to communicate, or pay attention to how they are communicating with you and match that communication method.

If they are a texting company, text them. If they like to call, pick up the phone. However they like to communicate, do that, and do it efficiently. Always respond to them in a timely manner and be sure they are fully aware of progress so they aren’t left wondering what is going on.

6. Not “Growing” Yourself

Personal growth is a vital part of entrepreneurship. It helps you not only stay on top of your craft, but grow as a person, a leader, a business owner and even… as a sales person! Take classes, attend workshops, and read books that help you strengthen the skills you struggle with, and sharpen the skills you excel. If you need a place to start, we recommend How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger or checking out Dale Carnegie’s many books on old school sales methods that have stood the test of time.

grew your notary business with a stronger mindset

By changing these small and subtle habits, you can make a profound impact on your reputation and business. So now let us know – have you been guilty of these habits? What’s one small thing you can change today to start changing it?

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For more information on how to grow any business in general, this article from Forbes is a great read!

By: NPN Staff Writer

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