8 Traits That Make Notary a Great Career Choice

Notary Career Personality Traits

Do you remember being in high school or college and taking those quizzes to see what career you were best suited for? You would answer questions about your preferences and personality traits and it would match you with careers that best fit your natural abilities. They were modified aptitude evaluations in their best forms.

Well, today we’re sharing what we think your answers would need to be in order for “notary” to show up as your best career opportunity. Over the years we’ve found that there are a few personality traits that make for truly outstanding notaries. Take a look at our thoughts below, then let us know what other personality traits you think make for a successful notary.

1. Natural Leader

Great notaries command their role by educating and supporting their customers through the signing process. They understand that signers are looking to them for guidance and expertise. And they also understand that almost all clients appreciate the comfort of a little “hand holding”. The best way to accomplish this is to be extremely familiar with your client’s documents and the overall signing process. This allows you to answer any questions that may arise. Knowledge provides so much trust and comfort in these situations.

2. Professionalism

This includes everything from your attitude to how you carry yourself. Clients will remember how you were dressed, as well as how you conducted yourself before, during, and after the meeting. Were you on time? Did you look collected and presentable? Did you take care of any necessary follow-up? For first time clients, these small details are even more important and will make or break your first impression.

3. Attention to Detail

The documents that need to be signed are often lengthy and contain many required signatures. As a notary, it’s your job to not only check the documents thoroughly before a signing session, but to check again at the end of each session too (and again and again). If you are someone who naturally enjoys (or has the skill set for) paying attention to details, identifying small errors, and double (triple) checking work – then being a notary might be right up your alley!

Notary Career attention to detail

4. Willingness to Learn

Proper training is everything, and when you aren’t properly trained, you open yourself up to unnecessary risks. It is important that you not only possess a willingness to learn, but also a willingness to say “no” when you are not properly trained to do something. Verifying that you have the proper skill set and education, and acquiring the required knowledge when you do not, will help you provide the best quality of service to your clients.

5. Cool Under Pressure

Uncomfortable situations are unavoidable at times, so it is important that you remain calm, collected, and professional regardless of the circumstances. Don’t let anyone get under your skin. Learning to keep negative reactions from rising to the surface while dealing with the situations one step at a time will serve you very well. Adopting a resolve to not take things personal and possessing the maturity to put yourself in someone else’s position, is an excellent skill to master. Most importantly, learn the techniques that work best for you to stay calm. These can vary from person to person so finds what works best for you (breathing, visualization, friendly reminders, etc).

6. Strong Communicator

Sometimes you have more than one “customer” as a notary. For example, in home buying: you could encounter the buyer, seller, realtor, and lender, all with different needs.

It is important that you communicate well with everyone involved. Be sensitive to your customer and quick to determine the best way to communicate and create clarity in a way that resonates with them.

7. Honesty

Occasionally errors will occur. It’s a natural part of any job, but how you react can make or break your reputation as a notary. Great notaries are upfront about mistakes and communicate with everyone who is impacted by the error.

It is important to fix errors as soon as possible, and hopefully with little or no impact to the client. Regardless, it’s best to be honest about the situation, even if it temporarily places you in a bad light. Being transparent can actually build more trust with the client as you have demonstrated that you notice errors quickly and rectify them as quickly as possible – ultimately saving them time, money, and frustration. It’s hard to fault someone for being honest, upfront, and admitting their mistake.

8. Being Human

As a notary, customer service is key to acquiring repeat business, and that starts with being able to easily connect with others. Be confident, relaxed, and show off your authentic self (even if that means you’re a bit goofy or nerdy at times). Show kindness and sympathy to your clients, and never shy away from humor. Your business involves serving other humans – so it’s okay to act like one too!

What other personality traits do you think have helped to grow your notary business? Do you have some qualities we might have overlooked that you’ve found extremely beneficial in your own notary career?

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By NPN Staff Writer

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