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Let’s face it. You’re busy. And, when you get too busy to check in with yourself, you can lose sight of your goals, intentions, and what will keep you the successful notary public you are. So, do you want to know how you can stay on course?

Having a notary public schedule and time with yourself to have a meeting with, well, yourself! Call it a “self-check-in”, a “me meeting,” or whatever you want to call it, but book it into your calendar so that you don’t miss it. Taking inventory of where you’re at each month will keep you on track.

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When you started your notary journey, you likely had a plan in place. You knew to build a website, create a professional email, get some business cards, get clients, market your online presence, and put the word out, but did you stop there? When was the last time you looked back on your business efforts to see what could be improved? When did you last take stock of what’s working and what could be working better? If it’s been too long, now’s a great time to start scheduling yourself for weekly meetings to give some attention to areas you may be neglecting.

You may also want to consider creating a process for regularly assessing your notary business by having a notary public schedule. Consider setting aside time each week or month to evaluate your performance and identify areas of improvement. This could include analyzing the effectiveness of your website, email campaigns, and other marketing efforts, as well as checking in on client feedback and industry trends.

Additionally, you may want to review your pricing structure and update it as necessary in order to stay competitive. Finally, if you’re adapting to changes in technology or the notary field in general, take note of what works and keep up with new trends and best practices. By scheduling yourself for these meetings, you can ensure that you are constantly evaluating your business and taking steps to maintain your competitive edge. Doing so can save you time, energy and money in the long run.

By taking advantage of these assessment periods, you can gain insight into areas that need attention, enabling you to make sure your notary business is operating efficiently and productively for years to come. Taking the time to review your notary public schedule and business on a regular basis is an important step in making sure it’s running smoothly. With the right strategy, you can take your notary business to the next level and set yourself up for success.

We get so busy making sure that others are taken care of that we forget we’re just as important to running a successful business or side hustle. How do you know if you’re on track if you don’t check in every once in a while? If you’re reading this, you’ve already made a step in the right direction. You’re taking a break for yourself to learn how to set a standing meeting with yourself and tick those important items off your to-do list.

Scheduling time with Yourself

The first step is setting a notary public schedule. Take a few moments to block out some time in your weekly calendar to check in with yourself. Mark yourself as busy and devote that time to YOU once a week. Then, you want to tackle important questions, like:

  • “Is my online presence up to date?”
  • “Have I answered important emails or returned those important phone calls?”
  • “Have I spent time doing things that make me feel recharged?”
  • “What are my goals for this month, next month, this year?”

That’s a great place to start. Working toward your goals means checking in with what you previously set out to do and evaluating what you’ve done or not done and how you can stay on the right path with a notary public schedule.

As you grow, your goals will grow with you, and you have to be adaptable to see the best results that will propel you closer to your big goals. Do you want more clients? More freedom? What can you do to make that happen?

You should also be prepared to adjust your goals if needed. Change is inevitable, and there may be times when you realize that the goal you initially set out to achieve isn’t right for you anymore. When this happens, it’s important to reassess and determine what else might bring you closer to your desired outcome or a new path of success. Additionally, it’s important to be realistic when setting goals and staying on track. Make sure your timeline and expectations are achievable so that you don’t become discouraged or overwhelmed by the process.

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If you plan, you set yourself up for success much better than if you’re reactive at the moment. As business owners, it’s easy to get into the habit of over-working and putting others first. After all, we don’t get paid unless we work, right?

But, overworking and not being intentional about the work that we’re doing can leave us stuck, unprepared, and stagnant. If you want to be the best business owner/entrepreneur/notary public/notary loan signing agent, you have to prioritize those check-ins with yourself to make sure you’re working smarter toward your goals and constantly evaluating areas for improvement.

Creating self-checkpoints to assess progress, effectiveness, and improvement is essential for people in these roles. Without taking the time to evaluate their performance, they run the risk of getting stuck in a rut and feeling unprepared. Good business ownership/entrepreneurship/notary work is all about being able to recognize the need for improvement in various areas and then taking steps to address those needs.

Start today and watch how fast you become more productive, efficient, have more energy, more freedom, and a better relationship with yourself and those around you. As you take small steps each day towards a better lifestyle, you will improve your physical and mental well-being. Exercise and proper nutrition can help reduce stress levels, improve concentration, give you more energy, increase confidence, and create a sense of contentment. This, in turn, can help you become more productive and successful in your work and personal life, as well as build better relationships with those around you. Making better lifestyle changes is not easy but if you start today and stick to it, the results will be worth it.

If you’re looking for more tools to grow your notary business, see what Notary Jane membership has to offer & for more information on time management check out this great article from Forbes.

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