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If you’re looking for a Notary Public Signature, we outlined a few options for you in this article. Why do you need a Notary Public? A simple explanation from states, “Notary publics witness the signing of important documents and verify the identity of the signer(s), their willingness to sign the documents, and their awareness of the contents of the document or transaction.” If you’re signing contacts, signing real estate leases or contracts, or looking for a witness for a loan document, then you might require a notary public.

To find a notary fast, you can use our notary directory search by entering your address, city, state or zip code, or you can use the following list to contact a notary professional near you so that you can get your important document notarized correctly.

We’ve put together a list of businesses where you might find a Notary Public on-site. It’s always a good idea to reach out to the business before you make the trip to ensure that a Notary is available. Not all of these buildings will have a notary on staff, so you’ll have to do some additional investigating to make sure you’re heading to the right place.

Here are some popular locations:

  1. Banks and Financial Institutions
  2. Law Firms
  3. Real Estate Offices and Firms
  4. Accounting Agencies
  5. Photocopy Shops
  6. Parcel Shipment Locations
  7. Post-Secondary Institutions
  8. Libraries
  9. Licensing Services Centers
  10. AAA
  11. – Search our directory by your location to find a notary near you.

Sometimes you’re in a rush, so going to a physical location nearby is likely your best option to getting your documents notarized. If you have more flexibility in your schedule, our database also returns searches with notaries that will travel to you as mobile notaries. You might have to wait a little longer by making an appointment with a busy notary trying to fit in multiple clients. Still, the option for a mobile notary is helpful when you don’t have the means to travel, are looking for accessible options, or something more convenient.

Notary Public Signature - when you need a notary

Most recently, in light of the global pandemic and new in-person protective measures, 24 states have made it legal to do remote notarizations online. These are temporary measures in some states, and some states have expired these exceptions, but measures like these could become permanent in the future. These measures allow convenience, keep all parties safe, and help if you require a notarized document. This is an evolving story, but you can stay up to date and read all of the guidelines and requirements here. Each state is updated with its most relevant information.

In a notary public world, it’s usually companies that need notaries the most. With multiple legal documents and records, it’s imperative to have things notarized to deter any potential fraud that could compromise a deal, a contract, or an investment. If you’re looking for a notary public in your area, our search feature is the best place to start. But, it’s up to you how you’d like to meet your notary public. If you’re looking for an in-person meeting, search for notaries near you and book an appointment. You can also meet a mobile notary who will come to you or offer a location where you can meet to have your documents notarized. With the new pandemic measures, you can also consider examining your state laws and seeing if a remote notarization is possible. Getting a Notary Public signature to notarize your important documents doesn’t have to be inconvenient. It can be as easy as a quick online search or calling one of the local businesses mentioned above.

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