What Should a Notary Wear?

When individuals are getting into the business of notarizing, you’d be surprised at how many more searches there are for ‘What should a notary wear?’ vs ‘what will a notary sign?’. You’re stepping into a new field, so you should be thinking about how to present yourself. As a Notary Public, you’re a professional, and you want to appear as such before your clients or potential clients. People remember how you present yourself sometimes more than what you say. So, if you’re looking at making a lasting impression, here are some quick tips.

5 Style Tips

1. Keep it Stylish and Comfortable

What should a notary wear? It’s important to be comfortable and this is especially true if you’re a mobile notary and you’re going to be hopping in and out of your car all day. So what should a notary wear? You want to get in and out with ease and not have to worry about making unnecessary adjustments. Also, don’t forget about wrinkles. Linen pants might not be your best option as a travelling notary unless you have a travel-sized steamer (bad idea, BTW:). They make so many clothing options that now contain s-t-r-e-t-c-h, which move with you, keep their shape, don’t wrinkle, and are forgiving to those pesky COVID pounds.

2. Have Your Clothing Tailored

And, we’re not talking tuxedos here, just everyday suits, sportcoats, pantsuits, dress pants, dresses, etc. Well-done tailoring can make you look put together without a lot of extra accessorizing or effort. An added bonus is that when your clothes fit properly, you feel better, move better, and look better.

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3. Choose Your Colors Wisely

What should a notary wear? Have you ever looked into colour psychology? Certain colors evoke certain emotions, and sometimes you don’t realize what the color of your clothing is saying about you. For example, red says ‘power,’ and blue gives a sense of trust and honesty. Not only are specific colors important for clothing choices, but they’re also great for brand colors. So, consider your logo and website colors, too.

4. Be Yourself

With all of that said, it’s important to show off your sense of style. Throw on your favorite necklace, bracelet, watch, or hat. If it’s something that makes you feel confident, you don’t have to shy away from it. But, if you’re someone who steers toward a more eclectic style, make sure to choose your pieces wisely. If fashion isn’t your strong suit, reach out to a friend for some fashion advice. It’s okay to be ‘out there’ and different if it’s done right. Plus, that broach you have on might become a conversation starter – and that’s always a great way to make a client open up and feel comfortable.

5. Confidence is Key

To leave a lasting impression, nothing beats confidence. Own what you have on, your unique individual style, the colors you chose, and how your clothing fits your body. No matter what, how you show up and show off your outfits will leave an impression long after you’re gone. Just remember to be yourself, pair your outfit with your likeable personality and confidence, and you might have a client for life.

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Clothes aren’t everything, but the way you present yourself to new and potential clients is sometimes the difference between a short-lived relationship and a long-term client. When you dress for success, you’ll notice, your clients will notice, and you’ll likely see the calls for your services coming in at a high rate.

Personality is definitely your strongest asset, but don’t discount the lasting effects of a great outfit or a put-together professional style. This is your chance to come out of the gate strong and in a position to make a lasting impression. Now’s the time to think about the stamp you want to leave on the world. You’ve already taken the step to further your career, now it’s time to dress that career up with confidence.

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