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Where to Find a Notary Public

Finding a Notary Public Near You

Each month, thousands of people are asking this question and want to know, ‘Where to Find a Notary Public.’ As you’re working toward shifting your career to become a notary public, or you already are one and are looking for ways to boost business, this post will give you some tips on how you can attract clients. By optimizing your online messaging, you can reach people looking for your services in their area or online. 

What exactly does optimizing your online messaging mean? Simply put, if you can answer the most commonly asked questions that people are searching for on Google and post them on your website or social media posts, people will take notice. And, if they need something notarized, they’ll be more likely to come to you.

Where to Find a Notary Public

Here are the top notary public searches and questions that we pulled from Google that you can answer to help grow your audience and client list.

Where to Find a Notary Public

Mobile Notary Near Me

How often have you typed a query into Google and ended it with ‘near me?’ Think, ‘pizza delivery near me’ or ‘dry cleaners near me.’ People want to know what’s close to them to plan their day and their route. If someone is searching for a ‘mobile notary near me,’ you want to appear on those search results. One way to do this is to create a Google My Business profile. If your clients are searching on Where to Find a Notary Public in their area, a Google My Business listing helps validate the services you offer.

Include your address and contact information. The more hits you get, the more Google will rank you as relevant, and you’ll appear in more search results when people are searching for a convenient notarization.

Notary Public for International Documents

Do your services include notarizing international documents? If so, make sure you have that information on your website, or mention it when posting on social media. When people find you, they will do a bit of research to make sure you’re the right fit for them, so you don’t want to leave out any important service you provide.

Online Notary

Does your state allow for virtual commissioning? If so, that is a highly sought-after service that you should include on your services page, on your Google My Business page, and anytime you promote your business online. People are looking for convenience and protection. If you offer both, say so.

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Where is the best place to get something notarized?

One popular question highly searched on Google is ‘where is the best place to get something notarized?’ If you type this in, you might get a result from NationalNotary.org. It lists businesses that a notary might work at and how to find a notary that will travel to you. Do you fit into any of these categories?

If so, make sure you add this information to your website, either in a blog post, on your home page, or in your about section. The more relevant information on your website, the higher you’ll organically appear in search results, and clients looking for where to find a notary public will have a better chance of finding you.

Can you get something notarized online?

Here’s one last example of a highly searched question. Online services are essential right now, especially due to uncertainty and wavering restrictions. Even if you don’t currently offer online services, do you provide online consultations or virtual meetings? It could be a good idea to meet potential clients online before scheduling an in-person appointment to make sure they have everything they need for when you meet.

Above are some examples of online queries that you could include in your online messaging to help attract new clients. For more information or help growing your mobile notary business, visit us at NotaryJane.com & learn about how we help mobile notaries get new clients.


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