Notary Business Opportunities: Legal Courier Service

Legal Courier Services

Many Notary Publics do non-notary work to supplement their income. A very popular revenue stream you can find a lot of Notary Publics doing is legal courier services. You are running around anyways, so why not! Legal couriers are most commonly found to be employed by a law firm, courthouse, or those involved in court proceedings.

Even though e-filing has become popular, some courts and certain legal documents still require to be filed in person. 

As a legal courier, your responsibilities include documenting delivery and verifying the identity of recipients, planning your daily route, and bringing documents for multiple deliveries at one time. This is why legal couriers are in high demand. A legal courier service delivers packages, documents, mail and/or other communications quickly and with discretion.

Legal Courier Role

The role of a legal courier service is to deliver sensitive information and/or legal documents to either the courts or another law firm. Since time is of the essence when handling legal documents, many legal professionals prefer legal couriers to postal services or regular couriers like UPS.

Delivery from a legal courier service

Saving precious time is one of the biggest motivators for employing a legal courier. Outsourcing this task of picking up and delivering legal documents to a third party, gives those in the legal profession peace of mind and efficiency and more time to focus on their legal practice.

If you can manage multiple deliveries and pick-ups during the day then this just may be the right fit for you! This role requires strong time management and customer service skills. You need to be responsive, professional and work with a sense of urgency.

Legal Courier Licensing

Legal couriers do not need any special qualifications or experience. However, it does help to understand the court system and how to navigate the courthouses in your area. Typically, all you need is a valid driver’s license and pass a criminal background check.

Keep in mind you will be using your own vehicle so keeping up with maintenance and having proper insurance is important. It is critical to have reliable transportation. Also, you will expect to dress professionally as you conduct this type of work so keep in mind budgeting for dry cleaning.

Legal Courier Revenue Stream

So how much revenue can you add to your income? Depending on the object(s) and location of delivery the fee charged will change. However, most law firms pay legal couriers a flat fee averaging $30-$40. Rush delivery services collect a higher fee. Also, adding to their reliability legal courier services operate 24/7 (that includes holidays and weekends) again calling for a premium fee over regular business hours.

Man working running a legal courier service carrying a parcel.

Consider becoming a legal courier as part of your mobile notary revenue stream. It takes minimal added effort on your part to incorporate this into your business plan. All you need is reliable transportation and the availability to deliver documents quickly.

You can get started by applying at an existing courier company or you could reach out as an independent contractor to law firms or others in the legal profession. Prepare a marketing flier describing your skill sets and services. Start networking and calling on businesses to let them know about what you have to offer. Consider collecting reviews and references along the way as a means to continue to grow your business.

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