Membership Benefits

More than an online notary directory

While we do provide a sophisticated platform for notaries to be located by consumers and businesses, we also offer tools for our members to Become Better Business Notaries.

Notary Jane provides regular email communication containing valuable information to grow your mobile notary business.  We also offer short video trainings called “Snackables” that will give you simple approaches to creating a business model that will be noticed and respected by those wanting to use your services.

Searchable Online Profile

Your online profile will appear in all Notary Jane directory searches for your area.

Search Results Ranking

Notary Jane uses a layer algorithm to display search results.  There are multiple factors that determine your rank among other notaries.  The first is your membership level.  Executive members appear above Premier and Basic members, Premier members are listed above Basic members, and Basic members are at the bottom.  Another factor that will determine ranking results is the length of time you’ve been a member.

Grow Your Business Emails

Notary Jane prides itself on its notary-curated content.  We keep you informed of the latest happenings in the notary industry, but more importantly, we provide valuable information on how to Be a Better Business Notary.  Most notaries own their own businesses.  We realize the challenges that can come with this and we consistently provide content and emails to help to our valued members succeed as small business owners.

Highlighted Profile for Viewers

Our Executive members are provided with a highlighted profile that helps their listing to stand out to viewers.

Signing Request Email Alerts

Notary Jane is regularly contacted by lenders, law firms, and businesses requesting notary service. Our Executive Members will receive email notifications of these inquiries so they can reach out to secure the signing.

Spotlight Feature

Executive members are eligible to be featured on our social media and website.  In order to be featured, just reach out to [email protected] and we will follow up to collect the required information to create your feature.

Specials and Discounts

Premier & Executive members are eligible for any discounts Notary Jane or its affiliated partners might offer.  Eligible members will be notified of these discounts via email.

Snackable Content Access

Premier & Executive members have full access to our monthly Snackable trainings.  These short trainings are full of valuable information for any notary operating their own mobile notary business.

Blog Author Eligibility

Premier & Executive members are eligible to write for the Notary Jane blog.  Please contact [email protected] to learn more.  Authors will be provided compensation for their article(s) as well as a publishing credit.

Sociable Media Marketing Package Discounts

Notary Jane has partnered with Sociable Media to bring our Premier and Executive members access to helpful advice and marketing tools to grow your notary business. All these packages are offered through Sociable Media at significant discounts to qualifying members.

Snackable Training

Bite-sized marketing tips for the time-starved mobile notary. Watch and learn at your leisure with pre-recorded videos by logging into your Notary profile section.

This video library is available to Premier and Executive Members only.

Each month, our marketing partner Sociable Media will deliver 15 minute (or less) videos on topics to help build your notary business.

You’ll be notified when a new video is available about the following topics:

Snackable Training

Latest Snackable

Snackable Training

Do you want to stop using an email that ends with or Since anyone can create these generic email accounts, it becomes harder for customers and other businesses to trust these email addresses as legitimate business email accounts.

Not to worry, this Snackable will walk you through the steps to get an email that ends with