Notary Business Names: How to Find the Best One

Congratulations on starting your Mobile Notary Business! Choosing the right notary business name is important. Whether you’ll be performing general notary work (GNW) or plunging into the Notary Signing Agent (NSA) world of loan signings, I’m sure one of the many items on your to-do list is choosing a name for your new venture.

What’s the right name for your notary business?

Besides racking your brain and calling on friends to get their creative juices flowing, you probably performed a Google search for help and are now thoroughly overwhelmed, right? I certainly felt confused when deciding what to name my own notary business. There were so many resources and places to look that I truly felt incapable of making the best decision.

But after the dust settled, I was able to come up with a few questions that really helped me determine what I wanted my business name to represent.

  • Do I want to specialize in loan signings or general notarization services, or both?
  • What are my plans for growth: local or a larger area?
  • What do I want my customers to feel when they see my business name?

Catchy, clever, and creative notary business name ideas

You might decide on a catchy business name that incorporates your business type, a strong professional adjective and exact locale, such as Springfield Notary To Go. This can ensure your marketing efforts are clearly defined as to what services you provide and in which locations you’re available.

Conversely, if you plan to grow your business state-to-state or nationally you may consider a name that is well-positioned for expansion, such as Northwest Notary Services.

brainstorming notary business name ideas

Alternatively, since the notary profession is heavily based on relationships within the mortgage and real estate industry, it can be advantageous to be known by your actual name. For example, Mary Smith, NSA. This also helps your referral business as others may remember your personal name, but struggle to remember your business name.

Regardless of the approach, you’ll want to find a name that has a corresponding domain name still available for your website and email.

A creative business name or your actual name can be equally functional depending on your preferences. Notary Jane is a wonderful resource to assist your business becoming known; no matter the naming path you choose! Become a member today.

How did you come up with your notary business name? Share in the comments.

By Jennifer Charity

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