How Instagram Can Help Your Notary Business to Thrive

How Instagram Can Help Your Business

So you’ve decided to take your mobile notary business to the next level…good-for-you! At this point you might be asking yourself, what are the best ways to gain exposure resulting in new business, more profit and overall growth?

In my first article, I explained how using social media is the greatest way to network. I consider it the New Age of networking. And if you’re not open to using social media in one way or another, you might quickly find you’ve been left behind by the competition. I think using multiple platforms will work to your benefit. But for starters, let’s dive into Instagram and how Instagram can help your business.

Why notary businesses should use Instagram

There’s no denying that we live in an on-the-go culture. Our mobile phones might as well be sewn to our hands. They not only serve as our primary communication device, but also play an important role in juggling work, family life, and running our businesses. Here’s how Instagram can help your business.

Instagram is the most mobile-friendly of all the main social media platforms. It was developed foremost as a mobile application. Do you ever access Instagram from your computer? I don’t, and I think I speak for most users in that regard. In my experience, the ease and simplicity of Instagram made setting up a business profile a breeze. Learn how Instagram can help your business thrive.

Woman wearing a floral shirt holding up an Instagram logo. How Instagram Can Help Your Notary Business to Thrive

Here are 5 reasons why I chose Instagram to gain exposure for my notary business.

1. Setting up a personal business account is easy!

You can easily set up a business account separate from your personal profile in a matter of minutes. With a few taps on your mobile phone you will be guided through the process of setting up your business profile. It is also extremely easy to toggle between the two accounts (business and personal).

2. Instagram is a visual platform

You can get very creative with the photos you use to represent your notary brand and business. You can choose professional photos as well as personal photos that reflect your life as a notary. This allows you to shape your profile to your audience and gain followers (and business) based on your brand representation.

3. More people use Instagram

Instagram’s social media presence is huge! There are 800 million active users. And of those active users, over 500 million engage with Instagram daily. That’s a lot of opportunities to connect and be seen! Grow your business by learning how Instagram can help your business.

4. You can make money directly from Instagram

Do you offer other notary products or services? Do you teach others how to be a successful notary? I found a great page on Instagram: @notarybabe. Not only is she a knowledgeable notary, but she also has products available with her brand, such as coffee mugs and tee shirts. With her extensive notary knowledge, along with her products, she knows how to make her notary business thrive. Learn how Instagram can help your business.

A stack of money showing How Instagram Can Help Your Notary Business to Thrive and make money

5. Gain exposure when people tag your business

When I first set up my page, my friend who has used my services, tagged me in a post to promote and praise my exceptional service. Her tag helped me to gain a few new followers. Example: “Follow my girl Keesha @signature1notary for all your notary needs. She makes it easy and convenient and will come to you!”

How do I get started with Instagram?

Learn how Instagram can help your business. Once you’re ready to set up your Instagram business profile. Let’s review the important steps that make for a great profile:

Use an eye-catching profile picture

Do you have a logo for your notary business? Would you like to use a photo of yourself? Once I created my logo for @signature1notary, I used it as my profile picture. I think it helps me to make a professional first impression. If you choose to use a photo of yourself, make sure it is professional and makes the right first impression for your business.

Select your username and write a short bio

Select a username that is either your business name or a close version of it. You may need to get creative with your username because so many are already taken. That said, choose something catchy and make it as close to your actual business name as possible.

Avoid being too wordy in your bio and just state the facts as they relate to your business. Think about the things that someone would want to know right away if they were going to use your services. This might include the areas you cover and main services you offer. If there’s room, you can also include credentials that will impress. For example, I included the fact that I have 20+ years experience as a paralegal in my bio.

Add your business contact information

This is where your business email, phone number and business address (if you wish to add) will go.

Add the link to your website (I hope you have one!)

When users click the link to your website, it leads them away from your Instagram page. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to learn about your services. You can also add links to blogs you’ve written or other relevant information. There is limited space here and you can only add one link. A way to get around this is to use Linktree, which allows you to add many links and categorize them. It’s a great way to add more content to your profile in a professional and user-friendly way.

Add your first post!

This is the fun part. Introduce yourself to the world. For my page, I used my business logo as my first post and introduced myself as a working notary. You can also use a professional photo of yourself or even an action photo where you are providing notary services. Remember to always get permission to post if a client appears in any picture.

There are so many great ideas for notary posts. I wouldn’t suggest posting a GIF or meme as your first post, but there are definitely some great ones out there for future posts. Follow @notaryearth on hilarious notary memes.


Simply put, hashtags connect and categorize your post, which makes it more discoverable to others. It connects you to specific topics such as #notary, #notarysigningagent, and #mobilenotary. Searching relevant hashtags is also a great way for you to discover other accounts where you can get content ideas and motivation.

Like and be liked, follow and be followed

It’s important for you to follow others as well as like their posts. This is how the Instagram machine works. You need to follow accounts so they will follow you back and like your content. Be selective in the accounts you follow and the posts you like because this is a business account and you’re a professional. Follow people in your community (fellow notaries) and also follow those who might use your services (title companies, signing companies, etc.).

Being successful on Instagram

With anything, you need to be consistent to see growth, results and success. Social media is no different. You will want to post regularly (at least a couple of times per week if not more). Find hashtags that connect you to the right community and use them consistently. The most important thing is that you are patient in growing a quality following. This means you need to stay relevant by exploring what the competition is posting or what other accounts you really enjoy are doing to grow their audience. Social media is always changing and setting new trends. And in order to take advantage of this, it’s important that you are always open to learning, growing, and staying relevant.

I look forward to hearing about your own Instagram experience and how it has worked to help grow your mobile notary business. Also, be sure to follow @notaryjane on Instagram for great content and notary information.

By Keesha Hughes

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