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Becoming A Notary

Types of Notary Publics

Are There Different Types of Notary Publics? Although the types of notary documents that need to be notarized can vary greatly, there are only a

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nearest notary service
Mobile Notary Services

Nearest Notary Service

Find the Nearest Notary Service When You Need It A Notary Public is considered an official of the state, and this means that you don’t

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How to be a notary
Becoming A Notary

What is a Notary Public

How to Be a Notary A notary public is a public official appointed by the Secretary of State. Each state empowers notaries to perform different

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what is a notary bond
Notary Business

What is a Notary Bond

What is a Notary Bond & Why it Matters to Know A notary bond (or surety bond) is insurance that protects the public if a

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