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Notary Education Course

Notary Education

This is an exciting time as you embark on becoming a Notary Public and taking a notary education course. Before you get started, reach out to your Secretary of State’s office or Town Clerk depending on your state and understand your state’s requirements, how long the process takes and the costs associated with obtaining your commission as a Notary Public. Because the process is different in every state these things will vary. Also, know that most states require applicants to be 18 years of age and a legal resident with no criminal background. In this article, we discuss the importance of obtaining and expanding your knowledge when becoming a successful notary.

Once you have obtained your notary commission, I would encourage you to begin your journey by mentoring another notary. Having a seasoned coach is invaluable! A coach helps you reach your goals faster because they have practical experience and can help you avoid pitfalls. You can typically find a mentor by going onto online forums, social media groups, and notary associations.

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Once you join these types of groups, ask members if they are willing to be a mentor or if they know of anyone they could recommend. There are also professional training services that offer mentoring options as well. Know in advance what kind of coaching you are looking for and how much you expect the time commitment to be. You may want to think about the best way you learn and find a coach that works in a similar manner. Interview a few coaches and even ask for a demo or references from professional training services before you select your mentor.

Notary Education Options

Next, let’s discuss training and notary education options. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own! There is an abundance of opportunities to learn the business. Some states require you to complete a course of study and most of you will feel very confident after doing so in your role. Other states may provide a manual to read and require you to pass an exam.

Those that are learning on their own tend to want to obtain additional training. If that is the case, you can begin by calling your local community colleges as some may offer a course of study. There are books, online curriculums, home study courses and many YouTube videos that you can use as a resource. As you can see, there are many notary education options to choose from. Adding additional training will help build your skills for your business to grow.

Notary Opportunities

It is important to continue learning to expand your expertise. Most of the time you can find live webinars online or in-person notary seminars. Look for these opportunities on websites and/or social media groups designed for notaries. Keep in mind that as a Notary Public, you have many different revenue streams you can take advantage of.

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As you build the skills needed to be successful, consider adding training in areas of interest that will help grow your business. Most commonly, general notary work transitions into becoming a loan signing agent. Many notaries later become field inspectors and wedding officiants. As you are pursuing your career as a notary, learn all you can and don’t limit yourself. Ask questions and explore all opportunities in the notary field.

With the right training and support, you will quickly excel in your proficiency as a notary public, building your confidence and your business at the same time! Did you enjoy this article on Notary Education? Read our article about How to Become a Notary.

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