Notary Business Cards and Digital Alternatives

About Notary Business Cards and Digital Alternatives

Notary business cards for your services will help you generate and gain repeat business. This is part of your branding and marketing plan. Your physical notary business cards need to stand out! There are various ways to do that; choose bright colors, add your headshot, think about finishes and textures, and add a QR code that directs people to your website.

Choosing a Platform

When thinking about a digital business card platform there are many to choose from. Linq and HiHello are common. Most are free and some offer analytics to help with your database. What is most important is that it is easy for your prospective client. You don’t want to have your client “work hard” to figure out your digital business card. The goal is the ease and access of your info into their contacts list. Keep in mind that business cards tend to get tossed so drive your digital card as much as possible.

woman typing on computer choosing a platform for her notary. Designing notary business cards and looking for digital alternatives.

Now that you have your notary business cards, where should you be handing them out? First and foremost, friends, family and business contacts. These should be your referral sources so let them know you would greatly appreciate it if they would refer your services as well. Visit doctor offices and small business owners. Why? Because these are the folks that need you! They are often too busy to get out and find a notary. They will pay for the convenience of having a notary public come to them on their time. Next, visit the library, local post office and FedEx locations. These are your referral sources.

They don’t have notary services and it is common for them to have customers that think they do. Now they have a person they can refer them to! Get out to your chamber, attorneys, property management companies, assisted living and senior centers. A one-person attorney’s office needs a notary public because they can’t be at all places at once.

They need you to be the second witness or run out to a client and get an affidavit signed. Small property management companies regularly need a go-to notary for their residents. Seniors tend to have mobility issues and find a mobile notary extremely helpful. Joining a chamber provides a captive audience of small business owners you can network with. All of these are ways to help your business grow!

Advertise Your Notary Business

How do you start to advertise yourself? Think about a catchy tagline like open 24/7 and put that on all your marketing material, social media and website. With that said, stay consistent with colors and fonts as this is part of your branding. Make sure to add anything that you have unique to offer like speaking another language or being a loan signing agent. It is important you are consistently posting on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can simply share how you helped a client or find educational material to post. It doesn’t all have to be business related either. You can share something funny or personal. You do want to switch it up and be consistent. Also, consider offering discounts to the military or seniors. Ask every client where they heard about you so that you can focus your advertising.

Knowing this information is critical to making decisions regarding your marketing plan. For example, people tell you they found you on a Google search. Then you would want to consider paying for Google ads to continue to promote your online presence. Or you are getting a lot of clients that heard about you from the Chamber. Knowing that may lead you to get more involved with chamber activities and continue your membership.

Get out there and spread the word using notary business cards and digital alternatives. You will be surprised at how quickly your business will grow and how much demand for your services are out there. My biggest tip is after every client transaction ask them to complete a review for your business as this promotes growing your online presence.

We hope this article helped you get ideas to promote your notary business using notary business cards and digital alternatives! Check out our article about Essential Tips for Starting a Notary Business.

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