How to Grow Your Notary Business in 2021: Gratitude is the Attitude

How to Grow your Notary Business in 2021

During the holiday season, we have a tendency to show more gratitude than during other times of the year. But why does this spirit of holiday cheer have to end with the holidays themselves?

Let’s take a hint from the holidays and create a 2021 resolution to grow your mobile notary business with kindness and appreciation. It’s the perfect goal to set, as it requires neither time nor money, -just some genuine effort.

Build your notary business with kindness

Build and grow your notary business by looking at every opportunity to show appreciation as a marketing tool. As a notary, you come across countless real estate professionals, lenders, law firms, and signing companies. Take some extra time and effort to get to know those you work with.

The great thing about appreciation is that it’s FREE. Always remember that the company that hired you to perform their signing has many options for notary services. Make the extra effort to connect with these people. If it’s in person, ask them how their day is going. And if it’s via email, take the time to add a couple of lines of appreciation. These small efforts can make “big waves” in growing your business over time.

how to grow your business

As a notary, I found the 3 best things a client can receive are:

  1. Perfectly completed and timely documents.
  2. Prompt communication and updates about their client.
  3. Special efforts of appreciation from their notary.

As notaries, we have no problem doing the hard work. But we can really make an impact by demonstrating an attitude of appreciation.

Marketing ideas for notaries

As you grow your mobile notary business and have continued success, your profits will also grow. Continue your attitude of gratitude by passing along some of your earnings to clients.

This can be done by sending gift baskets or special treats. If you are in a situation where you are physically dropping off documents, you can bring in some coffee or muffins. And never forget the power of a handwritten thank you card. These extra efforts will serve you well in your notary business.

Resolve to make appreciation and gratitude a part of everyday life. In the notary business, I found that Mark Wills from the Loan Signing System has mastered the art of gratitude. His natural appreciation and genuine passion for growing a notary business are some of the keys to his success.

marketing for how to grow your business

For more tips, and ideas on how to grow your notary business, read the next Notary Jane post, where experienced notaries give their best takes on how to market and build your notary business. And if you haven’t already, become a Notary Jane member. I highly recommend it as a way to increase your exposure to potential clients.

Have a happy and grateful day!

By Kriss Sweeney

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