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Attract & Retain Clients: The Secret Sauce for Notaries

How to Get Clients as a Notary

Imagine if you had some unique methods at your disposal to not only gain clients as a notary but to also retain them. I’ve compiled a list of some unique approaches that you might find useful. They have proven very helpful in my own mobile notary business and I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience with fellow notaries on how to get clients as a notary.

Monthly newsletter

Creating a monthly, bi-monthly or even quarterly newsletter is a great way to let clients know you’re a serious notary. This doesn’t have to be an exhaustive or excessively time-consuming task. If you use a service like Constant Contact to organize your contacts and send emails, they provide many useful templates to create a professional newsletter.

But before I get to the details of your newsletter, I heard you say that you don’t use a service to organize your client contacts in order to send out emails and other communications…WHAT? This is something as a successful mobile notary, you really need to take advantage of.

There are many online services that make this very easy (and economical). Constant Contact and Mailchimp are the largest, but there are other options to fit all needs and budgets. It will benefit you greatly to have your contact list in one organized and ready-to-fire-out-communication place. Learn more on how to get clients as a notary.

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Newsletter must-haves

Okay, so back to your newsletter. A newsletter is a great way to showcase your services and it also acts as a professional vehicle to remind clients that you’re HERE and ready to serve. Important components of a great newsletter are that it looks professional, is aesthetically pleasing (great layout and images), is short (think one-page resume), and actually provides some useful information. This is a very important aspect for learning how to get clients as a notary. These specific items make for a successful newsletter.

  • Your professional picture
  • Images of the area you live – This is where you provide service and where your clients live. Using an image that represents the area is a great way to remind them that you’re local (and just a phone call or email away).
  • A list of the services you provide and the areas you cover
  • All your contact information, including a link to your website and social media
  • Any recent training or credentials you’ve received
  • Positive reviews from other clients
  • A personal positive story or experience you recently had with a client
  • Humor – Tell a joke; people love to laugh.
  • Engaging content – This could be a local business or economic news. For notaries who act as Loan Signing Agents, this is a great opportunity to talk about the local real estate market. Provide some type of information that clients will find useful and relevant.
  • an email-sending service such as Mailchimp to make sure newsletters don’t end up in people’s spam filters.

Website & social media

There is much to say on the topics of having a website and engaging in social media. In fact, Notary Jane has written a series of articles on the use of social media for notaries. Feel free to browse through our blog for some helpful articles.

For the purpose of this article, the point is that you should have a website and engage in all social media platforms for the growth of your mobile notary business. This can be as simple as a one-page website and a single weekly post to the main social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin). Not only do all these outlets provide a way for clients to find you, but they also create an image that you are a professional notary who takes your business seriously.

Networking events

Things have been a bit different this year with COVID when it comes to socializing, but life is sure to return to “normal” in the near future and you should be ready! Look for events in your local community that will put you in front of potential clients. Focus on the real estate industry, banking, and legal events.

You can also attend events with fellow business owners. Everyone needs a notary at some point and you want it to be your card they pull out when that time comes. And make sure to leave your card at every local opportunity (coffee shop bulletin board, UPS store, library, etc.) Networking events are key to learning how to get clients as a notary.

Friendly ways to reach out

Another benefit of having your contacts organized in one system is that it allows you to send professional communication easily. You should send thank-you ecards (or handwritten if you’re really ambitious ☺) to your regular clients. Holiday cards also make a nice impression. Anything you can do to keep your name in their mind will benefit you when they need a notary.

How do you gain and retain notary clients?

So there you have it: my secret sauce on how to get clients as a notary. What methods have you tried and found success with? We’d love to know. Drop us a comment!

If you aren’t already a Notary Jane member, I encourage you to visit their directory to have a look at what your professional notary profile might look like. It’s a great way for local businesses and consumers to find you when they need a notary. We hope you enjoyed this blog on How to Get Clients as a Notary.

By Rena Barron

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