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Social media has opened doors and provided great opportunities to promote your notary business. Especially considering current societal trends, social media is heavily relied on to stay in contact with friends, and family, and follow your favorite brands and businesses. It’s safe to say that if you’re not networking and taking advantage of social media for your mobile notary business, then you are missing out on some great opportunities.

This is part 3 of a series on social media for notaries. In my last article, I discussed the benefits of having an Instagram account for your notary business. While Instagram has gained great momentum in recent years (and is now owned by Facebook), this doesn’t mean that Instagram overshadows Facebook. In fact, having both social media giants at your disposal to market your notary business is a must.

Advantages of Facebook for your notary business

Facebook is the #1 social media platform

While Instagram boasts over 800 million active users, Facebook’s user platform has a whopping 2.45 BILLION active users on a monthly basis! With this many active users, it only makes sense that you must be on Facebook for exposure and growth of your notary business.

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Your Facebook business page is free

That’s right, FREE! And who doesn’t love free? It’s also easy to set up your business page. Similar to Instagram, a Facebook business account is free and simple to set up. In a matter of minutes, you can have a business page ready to go. Your business page can also be linked to your Instagram account (so long as you don’t already have another Facebook page connected to it, and if you do, it’s an easy fix).

Keep in mind that in order to promote your business page there will be some costs to consider, but it doesn’t require a huge budget to start. For as little as $3/day you can start to gain some real exposure through Facebook ad campaigns.

Expanded layout for more content options

Although Facebook has a mobile app, you may find that navigating and working with Facebook on a desktop or laptop allows you more freedom for content. For example, uploading videos on Facebook doesn’t direct you to another platform such as Instagram TV (IGTV). In addition, it enables you to link to other content, such as an online store, your blog, and even to your website.

Facebook allows you the flexibility to add as much content as you like to keep your business page current, with access to all that your business has to offer. In addition, you can create and join groups relevant to your industry. These groups can increase exposure and also provide a valuable learning source between you and other notaries.

Reach your target audience

Getting noticed on Facebook is important to your business, but targeting the right audience is critical. In researching the benefits of Instagram and Facebook, Instagram is more popular among millennials, or young adults aged 18-29. Facebook tends to be more popular among those 30 and older. Since you are likely targeting real estate firms, title companies, signing companies, law firms, and businesses of that nature, the slightly older audience can work to your advantage.

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With Facebook, it’s not all about flashy imagery, it’s about knowing your client base, and giving them the information about your business that shows what a stand-out and professional notary you are. Additionally, you can link your business Facebook to your business Instagram account so users can visit both with a single click!

The Magic of Facebook Analytics

Simply put, Facebook helps you view your target audience and which customers are engaging with your business page. This information consists of stats such as age, gender, location, and more. You can also get this information in one easy-to-read report. With these details about your audience, you can see if you are getting the right traffic, or if you should tweak, or even add different content to your page in order to get the business you are seeking. Learn more about Facebook Analytics.

How to set up Facebook for your notary business

Now that we have covered the key advantages of having a Facebook business page, here’s how to get started.

1. Create a business page from your personal account

You can create a business page right from your personal account. If you don’t have a personal Facebook, you will need to create one because Facebook requires a business page to be linked to an individual page. The accounts will be linked so you can easily toggle between the two from your laptop or mobile device.

2. Add profile and cover photos

Your profile and cover photo matter. Do you have a professional business logo? If not, there’s no time like the present and every business should have one. Sites such as BrandCrowd and Canva help you create wonderful logos and cover photos for your business. If you prefer to have a professional create your logo, there are an infinite number of online services. I have heard positive reviews for logo perfect and 99designs. Definitely put some thought into the logo and cover photo you use for your page. Look at it from a potential customer’s view…does your page look professional? Ask yourself if you would hire yourself based on what you see.

3. Create a robust, detailed profile of your business

Setting up the rest of your page is easy. Unlike Instagram, Facebook gives you a lot of room and fields to express what your business offers. Take full advantage of each and every field.

  • Do you offer mobile notary services?
  • What is your coverage area?
  • Are you an experienced Notary Signing Agent?
  • Do you offer virtual notarizations?

Include your website if you have one, as well as the best times to reach you, whether by message or by phone. You can even add a button for customers to contact you and even book an appointment directly online. Take full advantage of letting potential customers know everything about your business.

4. Learn about Facebook business tools

To the left of your Facebook page, you will see several options to control your page. By clicking on Resources and Tools you will be able to view a number of options to help you promote your business. Options such as creating offers for new customers, setting up appointments, customer service plans for responding directly to clients, can all help you maintain and grow your clientele.

5. Invite people to like your page

Now that you’ve created a complete and professional page, it’s time to get noticed! Invite people to like your business page and also take the time to like and follow other people’s pages.

Just as you do on your Instagram account, use hashtags on your posts. By using hashtags, you can drive people to your notary page. Hashtags such as #Notary, #MobileNotary, #NotaryPublic, are just a few examples of what you could use to get your page noticed. When these hashtags are used in the search bar, a list of relevant businesses appear. You should also use hashtags relevant to your location to assist in driving traffic (i.e. #DallasNotary).

Facebook is a strong tool for your notary business

Never underestimate the power of Facebook. Although Instagram has grown dramatically in recent years, Facebook still remains the largest and most used social media platform. It all boils down to targeting your audience with a small budget through Facebook ads and then creating engaging and consistent content for your audience. Facebook gives you many more tools to work with, along with a broader platform for content and videos. Videos that you can use for educational purposes such as remote notarizations, or even about your own business.

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By Keesha Hughes

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