5 Reasons to Become a Mobile Notary

Are you thinking of becoming a Notary? If you’re wondering what some of the benefits are, keep reading. Whether you’re looking to add a new stream of income to your household, or you want to go all-in and create a more sustainable work/life balance, you’re taking the proper steps.

Here are five reasons to become a Mobile Notary Public

1. Earning Potential

Becoming a Mobile Notary Public and transitioning to a certified Notary Loan signing Agent has very high earning potential. Notary Publics are commissioned through the state, which has set fees that a notary can charge to notarize a document. However, when you add being a mobile Notary Public to the mix and/or becoming a certified Loan Signing Agent for real estate loan closings, the opportunity to bring in a good flow of revenue is endless. Mobile Notaries travel to the location of the client.

They charge a signature fee as set by their state, and they can also assign a mobile fee, printing fees, or other administrative fees associated with that particular notarization. Some states place limits on how much a notary can charge for these additional fees, so your specific state notary laws.

Loan Signing Agents are typically involved with overseeing real estate loan closing packages such as refinances, new mortgages, reverse mortgages, HELOCs, and more.  They are considered mobile notaries and are responsible for printing the loan package, delivering the loan package to the client, witnessing signatures on the loan packet, and returning the loan package to the Lender. Fees for these assignments can range from as low as $75-$200.  Some notaries have started their own signing service or notary business as Loan Closing Agents and are very successful as FT or PT entrepreneurs.

2. Flexible Schedule

Being your own boss has many advantages that keep Notaries motivated in this particular line of work. Not only can you start a lucrative business with excellent earning potential, but you can also control how much workflow comes in and out.  Notaries can either accept or deny a signing appointment request, whether through your own business or a 3rd party signing service. 

So, mobile notaries make their schedules. If you want to take a vacation 3x’s a year, you could create a flexible schedule to do just that.  You can work FT in the winter and work PT in the summer or vice versa.  As long as you build a good rapport with the different lenders and clients you are working with; you are in charge of your signing service schedule. Win!

Portrait of a young businesswoman working on a laptop at her desk. Become a mobile notary public.
Portrait of a young businesswoman working on a laptop at her desk.

3. Learning Opportunities & Growth

You never stop learning as a Notary. Notary laws, policies, and procedures change all the time. It’s essential to keep on top of your specific state notary laws and stay in tune with what’s happening within the notary network. It’s a great idea to find a mentor in the notary community for coaching purposes.  You could consider joining the National Notary Association who is regarded as a very reliable resource and take advantage of their different notary training programs, conferences, and resources. Or, consider becoming an NNA member so that you have all-around access to their notary hotline to ask questions and get answers to challenging notary scenarios that may come up.

4. Benefit to the Community

Mobile notaries are very beneficial to the community. Many notaries offer extended evening hours or weekend and holiday hours. Others offer 24-hour services. Again, you make your own schedule. Extending your services to your community increases business growth and earning potential and builds trust and lasting business relationships.

One excellent customer experience turns into ongoing opportunities to serve those same clients again. They might, in turn, tell their friends who tell their friends, and your client base grows. This is the same when dealing with Lenders and Signing Services. Good work brings back repeat customers. Convenience is important to those who need notary services. The fact that you can bring such an important service to a client, especially after hours or at a time convenient to the client, is a win-win situation.

reliable handshake business partners after signing new contract in the workplace in the office.the photo has a empty space for your text. Mobile notary public

5. Extended Entrepreneurship Opportunities

The earning potential does not just stop at being a mobile Notary public or Loan Signing Agent. Notaries are identified as authorized officials to complete I-9’s, become inspectors, wedding officiants (if your state allows), offer remote notarizations (if your state allows), and more. You may have to do a little research for exact details, but the opportunities exist.

If you are still trying to decide whether you should become a mobile notary public, determine what would be most appealing about the above points, like “earning potential” and “flexible schedule”.  There is enough money to be made by anyone looking to start their own notary business or expand their notary services. Every state will have their own specific notary laws; however, that shouldn’t hinder your ability to explore the many opportunities that will help you grow a successful business. 

For more information on becoming a notary, check out our article, Notary As a Side Hustle.

Kim Jones Notary

Kim Jones

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Kim Jones is a veteran mobile Notary and Notary Signing Agent with over 15 years of experience. Kim is the Owner and Operator of Roc City Notary Services in upstate NY.

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