Mobile Notary Fees and How to Grow Your Income

Notary Fees NY

Notary fees have a maximum legal limit that is set by each state and they vary between individual states. The calculation of fees will change based on the type of notarization performed and the number of signers. It is very important to check with your state laws for additional guidelines.

I happen to live in New York, so that is where my expertise on the subject lies. Many states have a similar fee structure, or at least similar ways of determining pricing. Here is a great chart of notary fees by state from the NNA. Read more about notary fees NY.

How much can a Notary Public charge in New York state?

Compared to other states, the maximum fee in New York state is relatively low. Here are the notary fees NY.

  • For Acknowledgements and Jurats, the maximum fee is $2.00 each per signer plus $2.00 for each sworn witness on an Acknowledgement.
  • For Oaths and Affirmations, the fee is $2.00 each.
  • For Proofs, the fee is $2.00 plus $2.00 for each sworn witness.
  • For Protests, the fee is .75 cents plus .10 cents for each notice.
  • For Safe Deposit openings, there is no set fee.
2021 increase notary fees ny business growth

Notary Fees NY: for mobile notaries

Mobile notaries travel to provide notary services in the customer’s home, place of business, or other location of choice. The fee schedule for mobile services is determined by the notary and is in addition to the maximum state fees stated above. Notaries base their fee on a number of factors.

  • Travel time
  • Location
  • Type of document
  • Number of document(s) that need to be signed

Fees for real estate loan signing agents

Loan Signing Agents are licensed notaries who are certified to conduct real estate closings and transactions such as purchases, refinances, reverse mortgages, home equity lines of credit, and loan modifications, just to name a few. The notary’s job is to present each document included in the loan-closing package to the signer(s), witness the signing of each document, and notarize each document in the package that requires it.

Fees for real estate loan closings range from $75-$200 per closing and the fee is usually set by the closing company. The fee is disclosed before the notary accepts the signing transaction and there is often room for negotiation depending on the details of the signing. More and more notaries are serving as Loan Signing Agents due to flexible work schedules, and the opportunity to make some additional income either as a part-time or full-time closing agent.

notary fees NY

Scale up your notary services – and your income

Whether you’re a notary running your own business, or serving as a notary for your employer, the maximum state fees are set and don’t vary based on your position. However, if you are providing additional services as a mobile notary or Loan Signing Agent, the fees you can charge are flexible and are in addition to the maximum that the state allows.

If you’re a new notary, it’s probably clear at this point that you’re not going to get rich notarizing documents behind a counter. This is often why notaries provide mobile services and a big part of those services include loan signings. Many mobile notaries make a 6-figure annual income. It’s a unique and rewarding job that provides a flexible schedule and allows you to work as hard (or not) as you desire.

To reach more potential clients and join the list of mobile notaries in New York – or your state, join the Notary Jane directory.

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