24 Hour Notary Services

Where to Find 24 hour Notary Services

People sometimes need notary services at the last minute and scramble to find someone who can help them outside of regular office hours. If you’ve encountered a time-sensitive issue that needs to be handled ASAP, there are a few ways to go about finding a notary who can help you. Since the pandemic, more notaries are adding flexible options to their services.

With the help of the new Remote Online Notarization (RON) law, many states allow notaries to perform online commissions. For more information about RON in your area, check out DocuSign.

24 hour notary

Can I get a Document Notarized Online?

The short answer is yes, but you’ll have to check your state laws or reach out to a notary public in your area for terms and conditions. The best way to find a nearby notary is to do a quick search for notaries near you to inquire about their services. It’s relatively easy to find an available notary public in your area who can help you. And, you won’t have to wait long to get help. There are more and more mobile notaries who will travel to you or meet at a convenient location.

How to Find a Notary After Hours

If you’re looking for a notary outside of regular working hours, you might be in luck. Keep in mind that even if you do get a hold of someone, it doesn’t mean that your document will be notarized right away. It’s always best to set an appointment and make sure that you have the required documents you need to avoid any delays. You might connect with an available notary public quickly but need to do additional work to ensure that you have everything you need for an easy signing process. 

Although some sites claim to find you a 24 hour notary, it can be a bit difficult and understandably frustrating when you realize there are additional steps. Most of the time, you can find someone and reach out to them but will still need to book an appointment.

Notaries often have full and busy schedules, and while they are more than happy to help you, you’re likely going to get scheduled into a slot that works best for them, too. That doesn’t mean you won’t luck out and find a notary available right away; that could happen. But, it’s best to prepare for the scenario that you’ll have to wait. It’s good to go in with the expectation that you’ll have to wait a day or so to have your document notarized.

24 hour notary

If you’re unable to get a document notarized in the middle of the night, the good news is that most notary publics offer same-day or walk-in services. Those services are more likely and easy to find. Our recent blog post, Where Can I Find a Local Notary Public?, will help you narrow down your search for more information on where to get your documents notarized as quickly as possible.

Your needs are important, and sometimes unexpected events can leave you looking for help at the last minute. You’re not alone, and there are professional notaries ready and willing to help you. Sometimes that means waiting for an appointment, but the important thing is getting it done the right way. Use our online notary search to find someone who can help you today. Just type in your location, and our search engine will pull up a list of notary publics near you with background experience in a variety of signing services.


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