nearest notary service

Nearest Notary Service

Find the Nearest Notary Service When You Need It

A Notary Public is considered an official of the state, and this means that you don’t have to be a customer of a business to use Notary services. While companies are not allowed to refuse services because you are not a customer, they can charge a fee for using their Notary services.  

Attorneys, banks, car dealerships and bail bonds offices are all typical businesses that provide Notary services. Your local town clerk, courts and libraries may also be an option. While Fed Ex and the US Post Office do not offer these services, UPS has a Notary Public on staff at all of their stores, but make sure to call ahead to book an appointment to ensure a Notary on-site when you arrive. Make it simple to find the nearest notary service.

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Find a Notary Near You

Instead of paying fees to get your signature notarized, you can find some options for free Notary services at hotels, your place of employment, AAA or your realtor. At your place of employment, you may find people you work with who have become Notary Publics, so you might start your search by asking your co-workers. Most hotels will ask if you are a guest, but if you are a member of their rewards program, they may be willing to assist you.

The same goes for AAA. If you already have a real estate agent, you may already have found an affordable Notary. Most real estate agents have a Notary available for their own business purposes. Call your agent to see if they can help you out.

Where Else Can You Find a Notary?

If you are a student, you could ask around campus to find a Notary. Most colleges have free Notary services available to students. You can even call to see if they offer Notary services free to alumni. If you are in the military, you most likely have access to free Notary services on base. Even if you are not part of the military, you may be able to use their Notary services if you are, for example, a spouse or dependent.

Online search engines also focus only on finding a Notary for you, such as Notary Rotary or Thumbtack. Most notaries on these sites provide fee-based services based on your needs. You will also find notaries familiar with loan signings. These online search engines are member-based and offer you options to obtain a Notary based on their experience and fees. You will also find that your area may have mobile or travelling notaries. Find the nearest notary service to you!

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How Much Are Notary Service Fees?

Depending on your needs for Notary services, fees tend to vary. States set the charges allowed, and notaries can charge up to that limit. You will find that UPS stores, town clerks, and other businesses that have a commissioned Notary public on staff typically charge the state maximum.

Most banks do not charge their customers for Notary services as part of the benefits of being a customer. Suppose you obtain mobile or travelling Notary services. In that case, you are paying more for the convenience of the Notary public travelling to you and accommodating your schedule so that fees will vary.

Notaries are public servants who help verify your signature on legal documents. You would be surprised at how many Notary publics are in your community. It may take some effort to find the best option for Notary services, but now you know where to look and are well-informed to find Notary services that fit your schedule and budget. We hope you enjoyed this article on finding the nearest notary service when you need it.

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