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Different Types of Notary Publics & How to Find a Notary

When it comes to requesting notary services for your business or personal transaction, there are several places where you can find a local notary. There are several types of notaries and ways that notaries provide services to the community. 

On-Site Notaries

The first is on-site notaries who work at a place of business where you can make an appointment and physically go to for their services.  These places can include UPS centers, other various mail centers, and banks.

Mobile Notaries

The second is a mobile notary who will travel to you or your location of choice to conduct services. Many mobile notaries are also Notary Signing Agents who work with mortgage transactions such as refinances and loan modifications.

Mobile notaries offer a convenient way to get documents notarized without having to travel. They are especially helpful for those who are unable to leave their home or office due to mobility issues, lack of transportation, or tight schedules. Mobile notaries can also be beneficial in cases where multiple parties need to be present at the time of signing, as they can facilitate group notarizations.

Mobile notaries can provide services in a variety of settings, including private offices, hospitals, nursing homes and correctional facilities. They can also make arrangements to meet clients on location at events, such as conferences or conventions. By utilizing the services of a mobile notary, documents can be quickly and conveniently notarized in virtually any setting. 

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Remote Notaries

The third is a remote notary who provides virtual services. Remote notarizations are very convenient but are not allowed in every state. Pre-pandemic New York notaries were not permitted to perform remote notarizations, but a temporary order was granted during the pandemic. On December 22, New York Governor, Kathy Hochul, signed Senate Bill 1780C (S1780C), which will allow the state’s notaries to conduct remote online notarizations (RON). The law will be effective on June 20, 2022. 

The quickest way how to find a notary is to do a Google search. Some keywords that will help you narrow down a notary in your area are “notary near me,” “local notary public,” or “mobile notary public.” Some businesses will not publicize notary services at a specific location, but most will advertise their services online.

Mobile notaries who run a mobile service business will most likely have a website with instructions on booking an appointment and will list their direct contact information. Not every notary is the same regarding what services they can provide, so do your research beforehand, and when in doubt, give them a call before booking an appointment.

In New York State, notaries are not permitted to be wedding officiants, but in Florida, however, this is allowed. There are different notary laws for different states.

Where Can I Find a Notary Public?

Regarding how to find a notary, there are a variety of places where you will find a notary public. These places include banks, libraries, law offices, real estate offices, and parcel shipping stores (UPS).  Mobile notaries are typically self-employed independent contractors who will travel to you, and most will market their services online, on social media, or through word of mouth.

If you’re looking for a notary public that is local to you, Check out our article on Local Notary Public, or just go to the Notary Jane home page and run a search for your zip code!

How Much are Notary Services?

Notary services are typically free at banks if you are a customer. Public banks are a convenient location for a service, but notaries there may choose not to notarize certain documents. This is where mobile notaries come in handy. Most are willing to handle more sensitive documents such as living wills with the convenience of travelling to you. If you decide to go to a bank or other public place for notary services, it is a good idea to call ahead to make sure they have a notary on staff and are able to service your needs.

It is important to keep in mind that notaries may charge different fees for their services depending on the location and complexity of the document they are signing or witnessing. It is best to do research ahead of time to compare rates on how to find a notary for your needs. Additionally, it is important to ensure that you are working with a licensed and certified notary public in order to avoid any potential legal issues. With so many options available, it should be easy to find a reliable notary near you who fits your needs and budget.

Parcel Shipping and Copy Shops

Parcel shipping and copy shops such as UPS offer notary services but charge a fee of $2.00 or more depending on the state. An appointment is almost always required since an on-site notary may not always be available. Fed-ex locations do not typically offer notary services. The post office does not provide notary services, but some share office buildings with businesses that do.

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Notary Fees by State

Notary fees will vary state by state. If you are looking to get something notarized in a different state, the best way to confirm the state-allowed fees is to research this information online. The maximum fee in New York is relatively low compared to states like California. For Acknowledgements and Jurats, the maximum fee is $2.00 each per signer plus $2.00 for each sworn witness on an Acknowledgement. For Oaths and Affirmations, the fee is $2.00 each. 

Mobile Notaries

Mobile notaries generally have higher fees because they offer the convenience of traveling to your location and provide services after hours. Some counties have small rural areas that don’t have immediate access to a notary. A mobile notary would be more helpful.

More and more notaries are taking their services on the road. If you don’t have luck finding a notary at a local business at the time most convenient for you, try searching for a mobile notary as an alternative option. Hopefully, this helped provide some insight into how to find a notary. If you’re searching for how to find a notary in your area, try running a search in our very own directory.

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