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Mobile Notary Services

Mobile Notary Services are provided at a location of your choice

Notary services are always provided by a licensed Notary. These include services like witnessing client signatures and dealing with land and real estate purchases. Mobile notary services are provided at a location most convenient for the customer, i.e. at the customer’s residence, work location, or a public location. Mobile notaries will even travel to nursing homes, schools, and hospitals to provide services. You can find a 

Can a Notary Come to Your House?

Yes, mobile notaries come to you. Many Notary Publics choose to add a mobile element to their business to reach customers who don’t drive, are elderly, cannot easily get to another location, or simply want the convenience of not having to leave their home/office.  Also, many people searching for “mobile notary services near me” are not comfortable leaving their homes due to the pandemic, so this offers a safe alternative.

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Traveling to a client is also convenient to accommodate multiple signers or witnesses at one time. Notaries that provide mobile services have flexible service hours, including availability after hours, during the weekend, and even holidays. So, if you’re looking for convenience or need assistance if something unexpected arises, a mobile notary would be a great option.

More and more notaries are taking their services on the road because of the extra earning potential that it brings. Besides charging a travel fee, some notaries may charge for printing docs or other administrative costs necessary to perform the notarization.

Customers may need a mobile notary to notarize a document for them and another family member who has a copy of the same document but is not accessible at the same location. This would be considered a second notary transaction that would require the notary to travel to a different location, therefore incurring additional costs.  

For more information on finding a Notary, check out our article on finding Notary services near you.

How Much Does a Mobile Notary Cost?

Mobile notaries can charge an additional mobile fee in addition to the signing fee set by their state. Mobile notaries can set their own fees for mobile notarizations depending on state laws. Costs can vary based on the location of the signing, the type of notarization requested, and the size of the notary package.

A mobile notary signing that requires less travel time will most likely incur a lower fee than a notarization that includes more travel time.  Fees can range on the low end of $50.00 and can also exceed $200.00 depending on the aforementioned circumstances. Many mobile notaries are independent contractors who don’t have office space to perform notarizations. Being a mobile notary allows flexibility and doesn’t require having a set office space.

How Can I Become a Mobile Notary?

There is no special training to become a mobile notary; however, making sure you understand your state laws and staying apprised of new notary laws is essential whether you provide mobile services or not. Becoming a mobile notary will expose you to all kinds of different notarizations. Many mobile notaries are performing mobile notarization independently; they don’t have a mentor or signing company to consult for issues or questions that may come up during a private mobile signing.

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Consider joining a mobile notary service network where you get answers during those most difficult signings that you may be asked to perform. The National Notary Association is a great resource that offers a hotline for notaries to call for support. Once you become confident in performing mobile notarizations, and, as long as you have a reliable vehicle, broad knowledge on how to perform notarizations, and all of your essential notary supplies, you can take your services on the road with the potential to earn extra income and become your own boss.

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Kim Jones

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