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Notary Business Ideas

A great way to grow your mobile notary business is by diversifying your revenue stream.  The more variety of notary services you are able to provide, the more income you stand to generate.  Once you have established your services then it is a matter of putting together a marketing plan so potential customers can know the services you offer.  Promoting your notary business through various channels is the goal.  

First, let’s look at the most popular services notaries provide besides general notary work.   Becoming a notary loan signing agent is an opportunity to work with signing and title companies to conduct loan signings.  An additional and oftentimes missed service is providing notarizations and jails/prisons.  This can be intimidating at first, but understanding the process of inmate notarizations will allow you to command a higher fee. 

Notary Business Ideas – Correctional Facilities

Notarizing a document for an inmate at a correctional facility is not any different than general notary work but it does take time and preparation on your part.  Another way to diversify your revenue stream is providing Apostille services.  While a notary cannot issue an apostille, the way you earn income is by assisting your client in getting their documents accepted by the issuing government agency.

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There are also non-notary services that you can provide.  You will find many notaries also become wedding officiants.  Some states don’t require you to be a notary while others authorize commissioned notaries to perform marriages and dictate fees.  Field inspection services is another income stream that notaries commonly do. 

Field inspectors are asked to ascertain and document property information.  Another common service is a legal courier.  A legal courier is delivering documents that contain sensitive information to either courts or other law firms.  All of these services allow for you to control your schedule and work independently. 

Growing your notary business based on the types of customers you have will help you be effective with your marketing.  You want to market to your customers in a variety of ways because your customers prefer to contact your business in different ways.  Some ideas to get your business name out there is to target your marketing to that specific customer.  If it’s loan signing work, go visit escrow or attorney offices and introduce yourself.  If it is officiating weddings leave your flyers at City Hall. 

If you are looking to expand your business, invest in your print marketing and a professional website.  These are business drivers.  Then ask for reviews!  Every single time you work with a client, ask for a review and get that review out on your social media and website.  It will help drive your business growth for brand awareness.  Promote your business by getting out into your community.  Join the local Chamber of Commerce or offer free notary services once a month at a local senior center. 

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Notary Business Ideas – Branded Pens

I always leave my logo branded pens with my clients or hand them out when I am out and about.  That pen will circle more than a business card will!  Word of mouth goes a long way, so getting in front of people is just as important as digital marketing.  Make sure that your business is in every notary directory you can find.  If people are searching for a notary in your area you want to be on those directories.  Having a google business profile helps with that. 

Notary Business Ideas – Community Involvement

Notaries have lots of opportunities to perform many different roles in their community.  Build your business by serving your community.  Get involved in local community events, organizations and/or volunteer.  Share your special skills and services and watch your business grow!  

For more information on making money as a notary, check out the NNA’s article on 22 ways to make money as a notary.

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