Notary Loan Signing Agents & Opportunities

Notary Loan Signing Agent

A notary loan signing agent is an agent who serves the function of obtaining and notarizing signatures on loan, mortgage, and real estate documents.   Notary loan signing agents are hired by mortgage companies, escrow companies, title companies and signing services to execute these types of transactions. 

Depending on market conditions, a notary loan signing agent will likely never run out of work.  Real estate and loan transactions are typically steady in both up and down markets.  However, there are many opportunities to generate income besides working with signing or title companies. 

A notary loan signing agent talking with clients.

Some notary loan signing agents work with law offices, health care facilities, colleges and financial institutions.  Reaching out to law offices and offering your services allows attorneys to focus on growing their business and not getting stuck in the weeds of conducting closings.  As a loan signing agent your skills and training are exactly what is needed to serve their clients.  You can still work as an independent contractor and the attorney can hire you as needed.

In addition, many notary loan signing agents also are hired by lenders and real estate brokers to provide their services. After completing an initial training course, these agents can make additional income for themselves by helping others close on properties.

The most important thing that a notary loan signing agent needs to remember is the importance of staying current with all the rules and regulations for loan documents. This job requires an immense amount of detail and knowledge, so staying on top of any changes in the industry is essential. Keeping your notary license up to date and understanding the requirements of each state you are commissioned in will ensure that your services are conducted legally and accurately.

Work with Financial Institutions

 Another opportunity is with financial institutions.  While most will have staff to handle loan closings when there is a staffing shortage or a need to travel to the customers, this is where your services could be needed.  Focus on branch managers to get your business card in the hands of the lending department. 

Other great connections that may not necessarily need your loan signing agent skills but can benefit from your mobile notary services are health care facilities and colleges.  You will find that especially assisted living centers and those facilities serving our older population can use help because most of the residents no longer drive.  Colleges also have many students that may not be able to leave campus for whatever reason.  These are great locations to provide your much needed services. 

You can also network with other small businesses. Offer to help them if they have any documents that need notarization or could benefit from your mobile notary services. Let them know about the convenience of having you come to their place of business. This is a great way to get involved in the local community and provide value to other small businesses.

Invest in Print Marketing & Website

If you are looking to expand your business, invest in your print marketing and website.  These are business drivers.  Then ask for reviews!  Every single time you work with a client, ask for a review and get that review out on your social media and website.  It will help drive your business growth and brand awareness.  Promote your business by getting out into your community. 

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Join the local Chamber of Commerce or offer free notary services once a month at a local senior center.  Have a leave behind.  I always leave my logo branded pens with my clients or hand them out when I am out and about.  That pen will circle more than a business card will!  Word of mouth goes a long way, so getting in front of people is just as important as digital marketing.  Make sure that your business is in every notary directory you can find. 

Develop relationships with local businesses. Tax offices, real estate agents and title companies are the best sources for loan signings. Make sure you are meeting them to let them know who you are and that you offer notary services. Also, consider advertising in local newspapers or signing up for a webinar on public speaking to learn how to get in front of people to promote your business. All of these strategies can help you reach new clients and increase your income.

Join Local & National Directories

If people are searching for a notary in your area you want to be on those directories.  Having a google business profile helps with that.  Some strategies you can try are promoting your website and/or a google business profile, direct mail a flyer, and take out an ad in a local paper. 

Whether you choose this career as a flexible part-time option or consider its potential to be a full-time six-figure income earner,  the best way to increase your earning potential in a short amount of time with little upfront investment in your marketing.  Best of all, you can start earning without any experience! If you put the time and effort into your business and continue to grow your connections your earning potential will most certainly increase. 

In addition to local networking in your area, you can also join national notary loan signing directories. These directories are a great way to get exposure and increase bookings from both local and out-of-state clients. Most of the major loan signing companies belong to these directories so make sure you take advantage of it. You can also join professional organizations to take your business to the next level.

By joining these directories and networking groups, you can connect with people who already have experience in the industry, which gives you a head start when it comes to getting more bookings and increasing your income.

Notary Jane is one such directory. Learn more about our member benefits.

Accounting Software
As you grow your notary business you will want to consider incorporating and you will want an accountant. One alternative to hiring an accountant is using software. Notary Gadget has partnered with Notary Jane and has software that is specific to Notaries. Learn more at

In conclusion, you can make money as a notary and increase your earnings with smart marketing and networking. Invest in your print materials, website, join directories, use accounting software, and network with other professionals in the industry to get more bookings. With consistency and hard work you’ll be able to maximize your profits while providing an important service to communities around the world.

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