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Notary Gadget

Notary Gadget is an innovative software system that has become the go to accounting tool for Notary Publics.  If you find yourself wasting time trying to track down payments or constantly forgetting to track your mileage this is a tool to check out.  It also helps with invoicing, scheduling, tracking expenses and more.  This accounting system helps manage all the administrative needs for your business, is easy to use and budget friendly.  They even allow a trial period with no strings attached so you have enough time to check it out and see if it meets your needs!

Success Depends on Staying Organized

When you are running a successful notary business, things move quickly.  You are accepting business throughout the day from multiple signing or title companies, attorneys, financial advisors, and general notary inquiries all while on the road going from one appointment to the next.  Things are happening fast and who can remember all that is going on?! 

Notary Gadget keeps the administrative side of your business in order and it’s all right at your fingertips.  You enter your customers as they are scheduled and Notary Gadget tracks the rest.  Appointments are loaded into your calendar with contact names, numbers and addresses.  You can even sync your google calendar so at a glance you can plan your schedule.

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NotaryGadget is an accounting/run your business software designed for notaries and signing agents to simplify just about everything you do as a notary. It helps you send invoices, track payments, track mileage, track notarial acts, manage your calendar, track your expenses, and even generates the report you need for your taxes.

Reporting Options

Another great feature of this software tool is the reports that can be generated.  The reports are easy to read and easy to navigate.  The best part is the itemization needed for your taxes is now a breeze and will save you money when doing your next tax return.  As a business owner, tracking your expenses is tedious but necessary for tax time.  You need those deductions! 

Notary Gadget is great for this.  You enter your office location and it automatically tracks mileage.  Tracking expenses is simple too.  You can set up recurring monthly expenses.  Just enter your expenses and the software does the rest.  You can also reconcile your monthly reports with your credit cards and/or bank statements.   

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Payment Tracking

I think invoicing and tracking payments is the most time-consuming part of a notary’s business.  Sometimes payments are 30 or even 60 days out.  How are you going to remember to check on those payments?  What about following up on invoicing too?  Being able to stay on top of who you received payments from as well as outstanding invoices is challenging. 

Notary Gadget allows you to quickly filter your appointments to see who is past 30 days.  Invoicing through Notary Gadget happens all through the system and there is no need for separate emails.  Once you have sent an invoice, tracking is made easy. 

This “gadget” is perfect for those notaries that work independently.  Even if you feel you are not ready or not busy enough, this software is a great investment to help grow your business.  Notary Gadget’s software is so much more than accounting and bookkeeping.  Having the knowledge at your fingertips on how your business is operating allows you to make smarter decisions to help you continue to grow your business. 

Marketing Budget

For example, I use income reports to help me determine my marketing budget.  Working efficiently and staying competitive is what will help your business thrive.  Having an automated software system like Notary Gadget provides you that capability.  I highly recommend you check them out, read the reviews and take advantage of their free trial.  You will find Notary Gadget has everything you need to run a successful notary business.     


Notary Gadget has a free trial and offers a month-to-month plan or an annual subscription that will save you about 20 bucks a year. Learn more about NotaryGadget today,

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