Working as a Notary in Rochester NY 

Rochester NY Notary Profile

The word “ROC” is the short name for the city of Rochester in upstate NY. Kim Jones is a licensed Notary Public who was born and raised in Rochester.  She has lived in the community for most of her life. Her favorite slogan that supports her commitment to the notary services she provides is, “I do it for the Roc City Community and I always will.”

Rochester, A.K.A the “Center City” is a “Finger Lake City” between Buffalo NY and Syracuse NY. Rochester is home to well-known businesses such as Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch & Lomb, to name a few. Rochester is the 3rd largest city in the state of NY. According to Kim, you can get to just about anywhere from most of the surrounding suburbs to the inner city in about 45 minutes or less. The reduced driving time is great for the locals there and even better for Kim’s mobile notary business.

 Kim Jones provides Rochester NY notary mobile services to a diverse clientele in Rochester at the customer’s location of choice.  Her business has extended evening and weekend hours for various types of documents such as POAs, debt settlement programs, depositions, legal documents, title transfers, written statements, depositions, I-9’s, written certifications, affidavits, and more. Kim also works with various lenders, law offices, and other larger notary service companies for various real estate closings such as refinances, reverse mortgages, loan modifications, and HELOC. Her notary services are convenient, friendly, local, and personable.

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Just like every other state, New York state has a set of notary laws that must be followed within the code of ethics.  To become commissioned as a licensed notary, whether you live in upstate or downstate NY, you must be a NY resident, you must submit an application and pay a fee, pass the notary exam, and you must pass a background check. New York Notaries have to renew every 4 years to maintain their notary commission.

Notary Functions State of New York

 Notary functions in New York State include the following:

  • Administering oaths and affirmations
  • Taking affidavits and depositions
  • Receiving and certifying acknowledgements or proof of such written instruments as deeds,
  • mortgages
  • power of attorney
  • Protests

New York notaries are permitted to become mobile notary signing agents either for personal notarization services or assist with mortgage loan closings.

In New York state, every signer is required to be properly identified using one of the acceptable forms of identification such as a driver’s license when requesting for notary services. Although personal appearance for notary services is still a requirement, New York state is slowly implementing the continuation of permanent remote online notarizations since it was very successful during the height of the pandemic. 

New York is expected to roll out the final requirements of the RON platform as well as provide the necessary guidelines by January 2023. Remote notarization as rolled out in previous executive orders during the pandemic is currently the practice in place. Here is how you can become a Rochester NY Notary.

man stamping a paper on a document in Rochester NY notary

According to Kim, Being a notary is a wonderful and busy business, and it’s a well-respected business because, as those in her profession have said jokingly, “we get paid for our signature and stamp, and trust me, I’m a Notary.” But on a serious note, Kim expressed that she absolutely loves what she does because it really is her passion. 

Running her own mobile notary business as a Rochester NY Notary by providing an essential service to her community is rewarding and has become a very important aspect of Kim’s life. Kim is grateful for every opportunity, and she continuously thanks her lovely ROC community customers for their trust in her business and service.

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