UPS Notary Service: The Pros & Cons

UPS Notary Services

To render a legal document valid, you often will be asked to have it notarized.  This means a Notary Public verifies the identity of the person signing the document while making the determination they are of sound mind and signing the document on their own accord.  Most folks will look for their document to be notarized at a local UPS store using the UPS Notary Services, as this service is commonly known to be provided there.  However, there are differences between using a Mobile Notary Public versus a Notary Public employed from a UPS store.

Man not happy about ups notary services then calling a local mobile notary.

A Mobile Notary Public and a Notary Public that is employed at UPS typically perform the same UPS notary services.  Both ensure that your legal documents are signed in their presence as specified by the State in which they have been appointed.  The main difference is that you need to make an appointment and travel to the UPS store to meet with the Notary Public.

Notary Services Available at a UPS Location

Not all stores provide one and you may have to wait in line even if you made an appointment as they are also doing other tasks at the store.  You may find that not all documents may be notarized at the UPS store so make sure to ask in advance.  These inconveniences are why Mobile Notary Publics are sought out.  They travel to you at a place and time you choose, provide a more accommodating scheduling option as they work nights and weekends, and are most likely to handle any notary request.

Does a Mobile Notary Cost More?

Expect to pay more for the convenience of a Mobile Notary.  UPS Notary Services will usually charge you the State’s maximum fee.  So, which should you use?  It depends.  If you rather not travel or find you can’t travel due to mobility issues you need a Mobile Notary Public who will come to you.  If your documents are of a sensitive nature and you rather have a more discrete location to have them signed you will not find that at a UPS store.  Also, your schedule matters.  You are limited to the UPS store hours and the availability of the Notary Public on staff. 

Also, it’s important to mention that Mobile Notary Public will typically be more well-versed in the documents they are notarizing and as a result more informative and accurate when completing the notarization.  Simply, you will find they tend to know what they are doing and not make errors.  This is the case because they solely do this type of work as their primary source of income and as such have more experience. 

Mobile Notary taking a VOIP call from a customer who was thinking about using ups notary services.

Expertise as a Mobile Notary

A Notary Public at a UPS store does not usually bring that level of knowledge and experience to the table.  More complicated legal documents are something you might want to consider seeking out a Mobile Notary for assistance with.

Most commonly real estate brokerages, small business owners and even attorneys frequently find themselves in need of getting documents notarized.  For them to spend the time to schedule an appointment and travel to a UPS store is usually not feasible. 

Having a Mobile Notary Public on call is the most effective way to manage their business.  Mobile Notary Publics save them time and money.  Depending what you do and how often you might need a Notary Public will dictate your decision on which option is best. 

Most people think to use UPS Notary Services to have their documents notarized.  It’s a service commonly provided at almost all of their locations.  For most, it’s quick and cost-effective.  However, if you are looking to save time, not be inconvenienced, and accuracy and discretion are important to you then choosing a Mobile Notary Public is a better option. 

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